Dubai: The Business Hub of the Middle East  


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In less than 40 years, Dubai has transformed from being a local trading community into one of the most successful cities in the world. Today, it is an immensely attractive destination for tourists and business alike.

The strategic location of Dubai gives easy access to billions of customers. It is a perfect gateway between East and West and the preferred hub for the region’s import and export market, which is one of the most lucrative in the world.

So, let’s inspect the factors that make Dubai an attractive business destination.

Growing and diverse economy

Dubai’s march towards its economic diversification drives in paying rich dividends as the emirate competitiveness ranking improves, reducing the gap with the top competitive economies of the world.

Sheikh Hamdan said: "Dubai is an icon among the fastest growing economies in the region and the world. Today, Dubai represents a unique experience of ambitious people and a pioneering government."

Such a growing and diversified economy will help your business achieve growth in all the aspects.

Real estate sector

The Dubai real estate sector’s growth is largely driven by foreign nationals living in the UAE and overseas investors living in different parts of the world. When it comes to investing in Dubai properties, there is one major misconception. Only millionaires can afford to invest in property. As a matter of fact, with an investment of 1 million dirhams, you can own the best properties in Dubai and enjoy lucrative returns on investment for your whole life.

Investment support and promotion by the government

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED), which is tasked with setting and driving Dubai’s economic agenda, supports the emirate’s transformation into an innovative, diversified, service, and knowledge-based economy with an aim to enhance the business environment and increase productivity.

Availability of manpower

Due to the liberal labour policies, it is easy and cost effective to recruit employees from any part of the world. UAE government from across the seven emirates continue to invest heavily in training the national workforce to play a greater role as competitive members of the UAE.


Dubai boasts elite and modern infrastructure, well-maintained roads, excellent public transport, and connectivity.  To take advantage of top-notch infrastructure, any time is good for you to establish or expand your business in Dubai.


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