Benefits and Responsibilities of US Citizenship  


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Many benefits of U.S. Citizenship such as assurance of equal protection under the law and the due process of law are granted by the U.S. Constitution and federal laws to both citizens and non-citizens living as permanent residents in the United States. However, immigrants who pass the civics examination and take the Oath of Allegiance to complete the process of achieving full U.S. Citizenship gain full protection of the U.S. Constitution, along with many benefits and rights denied to the immigrants with long-time permanent resident status.

Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

While the U.S. Constitution and the law of the country give many rights to both citizens and non-citizens residing in the United States, there are certain rights that exist only for citizens. Some of the important benefits of citizenship are:

  • Sponsorship of relatives for Permanent Resident Status
  • Obtaining citizenship for children born abroad
  • Becoming eligible for Federal Government jobs
  • Protection from deportation and the right to travel and live without the threat of losing legal Permanent Residency status
  • Voting and participation in the Electoral Process

Responsibilities of Citizenship

The Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. includes many promises which immigrants make during the process of becoming U.S. citizen, including promises to:

  • Give up prior allegiance to any other country
  • Swear allegiance to the United States
  • Support and defend the constitution and laws of the country
  • Serve the country as and when required
  • Participate in the political process by registering and voting in the elections
  • Serving on juries when required

Note: All phases of the naturalization process and the laws with regard to immigration and citizenship are administered by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS).


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